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Topic: Gigs, anyone?

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    Question Gigs, anyone?

    I know that a lot of you are using GPO / JABB strictly for composition, but I suspect that a number of you also get out and play live, whether for money, fun, or both.

    I'd be curious to know what kinds of music you play, what sort of venues (smokey bar, coffee shop, concert hall), what types of groups & instrumentation you work with and the various instruments you play live, when you're out there behind the chicken wire.

    I'm sure everyone would also love to know when & where you're playing next in case they're in the same city and are able to catch your gig.
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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    It's kinda opposite poles for me. Composer by day and raging bass playing idiot by night. Lol. I'm in a local original rock band called Roswell. We are currently recording our second CD and play live at bars and festivals. Right now we are just recording and will play out again in March. Here are a couple of pics. Dont laugh please. The whole band at a local Memorial day festival. My guitarist Chad and I at the Deatur Celebration. Me on bass with my keys behind me. It is totally different from what I write and it's really fun. Generally super-heavy riff based rock with strong lyrical content. Influenced by Sevendust, Dark New Day, and Cold. It pays a little but it's really just a lot of fun. Please visit our site and sign in and say hi. http://roswellarea51.com/

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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    Next weekend I'm playing Christmas With The Von Trapp Family Children in Danville, Illinois (3:00 pm, CST).

    I've recently done Christmas concerts with the Terre Haute Symphony and Columbus Indiana Philharmonic.

    No Messiahs or Nutcrackers this year!
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    Besides writing I enjoy, at this juncture in my life, being somewhat more selective about my gigs than I could be when I was younger. I have a jazz quartet that plays occasionally (one of the members, Scott Robinson) lives in New York and so scheduling is an issue. I also play in a sextet with my wife, Trish Colter who is a singer. I write the charts and play piano in both of the bands above. Then there is a faculty band (University of Toronto where I teach) that varies from 9 to 11 pieces in which I play either piano or saxophone. We paly a few times each year in the clubs and also at the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival. Two clubs I play in most "regularly" in Toronto are the REX (on Queen St) they have three bands a day 7 days a week...an amazing jazz club) and the Montreal Bistro, which if, anyone is visiting Toronto, is a great jazz club. Fine piano and a quiet policy during the sets and great food. The Rex is more of a pub thing and a great hang! But loud. I've almost given up playing ballads there. Lastly, I play on occasion with our faculty saxophone quartet. Otherwise, my days of commercial, or as we used to call it club dates, are basically over. I miss the hangs on the breaks, but that's about it.
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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    I play in a world music group called EmoDevo. This photo is from a concert we did in L.A. this past summer. I'm playing keyboards, guitar and bass, Robin Taylor plays hand drums (djembes) and sings, and Eddie Young plays cello, tabla, bongos, and flute.

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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    Gigs ... I haven't "giged" in over four years in any musical capacity other than musical director for a youth theatre which I resigned from last year. Saw my bothers blues band this past Saturday evening and thought, be nice to have a keyboard and sax player or better yet ... a keyboard player triggering "JABB" sounds! But, alast there can be no more "gigs" for this shlamig.

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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    I'm sure you'll all be shocked to discover that I perform music for kids.

    Winter is typically a much lighter schedule for me, so I'm not playing much at all right now. I'm using the time to write and record a new album and to book shows for next year. But spring through fall is pretty much non-stop touring around the Northwest, and I travel in an RV so I may head down south next winter and stay out performing all year through.

    As far as venues, that includes schools, libraries, fairs, festivals, summer concert series, house concerts and various other events. Of those, most shows go really well, so I don't really have a favorite venue, but definitely my least favorite venue would be the fairs. So here's my "fairs rant"...

    Some fairs are a decent experience, but a lot of them aren't the best for performers (or audience members, for that matter). In my case, they might put me somewhere among many other rides and attractions, and/or in the sunniest possible spot with no shade for anyone... and the audience that is there (which I might have to work hard to drum up) consists of kids who are exhausted from going on rides and eating junk food all day, or kids who were dragged to my show by their parents and who would rather be going on rides and eating junk food. Or it's senior citizens looking for somewhere to rest, or teenage punks looking to make fun of the kids' act (I've learned to invite them in on the show, and then they either have fun with it or just leave). No matter how well the show goes, CD sales are almost nil, because everyone has spent their money on deep-fried Twinkies (sadly, I'm not making that up...) and vain attempts to win prizes by shooting basketballs into hoops that don't fit basketballs. By comparison, I could do the exact same show at a library or for a summer concert series and there would be throngs of kids eating it up and parents waiting in line to buy CDs. But fairs pay well up front and there are a lot of them around, so it's hard to say "no" to the opportunity. And of course, even at it's worst, I'm still super grateful to play music for a living even when it's not ideal. It's always better than cleaning out sewers or whatever.

    I'm trying to get into more schools to do assembly programs, so if anybody has any affiliations with elementary schools in your area (principals, PTA, etc.), please let me know. I'd really appreciate that.

    Here's a picture of the backs of the heads of many children, and I'm somewhere in the background...
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    Just completed a six-year gig Thu-Ftri-Sat at a hotel in Monterey, continuing with one Aon-Tue-Wed at the Lodge at Pebble Beach (golf resort.) I play with a drummer who sings (I don't, unless you want to rid the room very quickly.) We use backing tracks I create in Gigastudio, GPO (and now JABB, or eventually in any case) and he creates on an SC-88.

    We play a wide variety of styles, from standards of the 30s and 40s to Steely Dan, with a lot of R&B thrown in. On the gig we just left, a crap piano and my Hammond A100, on this gig a nice piano but no organ.

    Also just released a Workld Fusion CD entitled Life Cycles, you can hear excepts at my poorly 'designed' (thrown together) web page here:http://www.thesoundsmith.com/private/lifecycles.htm

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Or for you who are only in it for the presents, Happy Haul-i-daze
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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    My band play last gig of the Year on Wednesday 14dec at "The Bell" a music pub in Bath. It is more or less the only Bar gig we still do, it was the first gig we ever did, and we have a soft spot for the promoter.

    Here we are at a recent festival.

    And here is an often used publicity shot.( I am the guy in the white hat)The charming lady in front demonstrating the Brazillian drag-back is my wife Azhar, the singer in the band.

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    Re: Gigs, anyone?

    My (good old fashioned pretentious pompous ) prog band, Glass Hammer, retired from performing in 1998 but we came back and did some shows in 2003. We just did a show for a second DVD last month and we might even do a small tour next year, plus we're looking at some offers as an opening band. Here's a couple pics (the first two are from 2003, the last two are 2005):

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