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Topic: Christmas Songs for Next Year

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    Christmas Songs for Next Year

    Need ideas for public domain Christmas songs to arrange? This list will jog your memory and also suggest some tunes you probably have not heard yet.

    My secret weapon for many years has been a book of simple lead sheet arrangements called The International Book of Christmas Carols by Walter Ehret and George K. Evans, copyright 1963, Walton Music, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    I have transcribed a list of the 164 carols named in the book at the following link


    The book lists:
    • 52 English carols
    • 19 French carols
    • 28 German and Dutch carols
    • 10 Scandinavian carols
    • 19 Polish, Czech, Romanian and Hungarian carols.
    • 4 Italian carols
    • 27 Spanish and Latin-American carols
    • 5 Latin carols
    The list is in Adobe Reader .PDF format, because I wanted to preserve the diacriticals in the non-English names.

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    Re: Christmas Songs for Next Year

    Great list. I forgot all about Of The Father's Love Begotten. Has anyone done that yet?? If not I get dibs for next year

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