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Topic: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

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    Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    Hi all,

    If I install an RME Multiface in a PC running GigaStudio and Logic, would it be possible to use a number of stereo outs from GigaStudio and route them into the Logic audio mixer internally, without using external loopback cabling?

    I have no experience (yet) with lightpipes. Maybe it is actually simple to pull back digital out into the RME?



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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    Hi Peter

    As far as I can tell it is not possible to route outputs to inputs internally within the Hammerfall DSP Mixer. I looked in the manual and again I couldn\'t find any mention of this type of routing I\'m afraid.

    You need to be very carefull routing outputs to inputs on the same device, especially digitally. It would be very easy to set up a digital clock feedback loop or a speaker destroying audio loop if you messed up some routing and connected an output to an input that was routed to the same output (I think that made sense!!!)

    Dave Marsden

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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    Hi Dave, thanks.

    Yup, that\'s clear. A loopback trick is of course very risky.
    I currently have my analog Echo card via an external mixer back into the input channels; as long as you don\'t mess with the soft mixer console, this works fine.
    Doing this digitally is of course a completely different story...


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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    I have routed my Multiface and it works fine here with Cubase SX and Gigastudio.
    I just used the little light pipe cable I got with it and connected it with the ADAT in to out.
    Make sure the \"Clock Mode\" is set to Master.

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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?


    I didn\'t mean to imply routing inputs to outputs won\'t work, I was just warning that if you are monitoring through the system, i.e. you can hear an input at an output in real time then you need to make sure you don\'t route the input to an output that is feeding the same input. This applies to audio and digital connectiions. The same applies to clock signals.

    You\'d think there would be a Rewire type protocol for moving audio between Giga and other apps.

    Dave Marsden

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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    All this routing can be done quite easily in all creamware cards, in software... [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
    Creamware rule... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    Hehe, nice, thanks for the reactions. Will check it out.

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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?


    I am soooooo interested in doing what you\'re doing, it would be really great if you could help me out a sec. It means putting native plugs on gigastudio tracks in real time! Could you share your computer specs with me?

    I\'ve tried what you have accomplished, with NO success--clicks and pops everywhere when routing. I can slam against 160 polyphony all day with no clicks or anything when gigastudio is just going straight out of the Hamerfall (using logic just a midi sequencer). BUT if I have giga going out of ADAT 1 OUT, routed back into ADAT 1 IN (so logic\'s inputs can listen to giga\'s outputs) and logic is mixing all that and using only the main spdif output, I get clicks at anything over 60 voices poly.

    Are you getting 160 voices back into logic from giga with no clicks?? what latency? Have you tweaked anything in particular (BIOS, the windows services...)?? It would be sooo great if you could help me out

    I have the following specs:

    ASUS P4B266-SE, intel 845d chipset
    P4 2.0 GH
    1 gig 266mhz DDR
    two 80 gig dekstar HDs
    RME Multiface


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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    Right on, Leon,

    That was exactly my plan. Using ADAT Out routed to the ADAT In to record Gst on the same RME machine and then add 8 analogs In from my other PC, sending out on an analog Echo card.

    Would this routing involve serious overhead?

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    Re: Can RME Multiface route outputs to inputs (internally)?

    Hi peter

    The cpu meter in logic is around 10 percent when I\'m doing this (the windows task manager reports 25%, and the gigastudio cpu meter says around 15%). This is when I\'m REALLY giving it over 160 voices (a BIG orchestral piece).

    So NO, there isn\'t a big CPU impact. But there are clicks everywhere at high polyphony! So I think its a PCI issue. At high latencies, 23 ms, then about 140 voices is ok. (But this is unusable, as the overall latency is 46 ms--one buffer going out, one buffer coming back in, and you cant PLAY with that at all [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] )

    Steve_T seems to have managed it, so lets see what he\'s using [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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