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Topic: Multiple Instances of K2???

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    Multiple Instances of K2???

    To the DFD/Kontakt Guru's out there...

    When opening up a second instance of Kontakt, I always get a DFD memory error:

    "Cannot allocate DFD memory (Not enough memory available!) Audio engine will be stopped."

    I have tried everything I can think of but still can not run more than 1 Kontakt... I can add anything else on top of Kontakt, multiple versions of kompakt, RMX, atmosphere, etc but can't get 2 instances of Kontakt to run.... period. I have 2 gigs of ram in the machine. Windows reports there is plenty of ram left. I'm running Nuendo latest build. Any ideas or other DFD issues I'm not aware of?... I may have even missed something basic in my frustration.

    Big Thanks, Chuck

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    Re: Multiple Instances of K2???

    Does your Nuendo log show anything? Are you running the latest version of Kontakt 2? How much RAM is task manager reporting that Nuendo is using at the point where you try to load the second instance of Kontakt?


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    Re: Multiple Instances of K2???

    Thanks for the quick reply Fizbin!

    Latest version of K2, Have not checked the Nuendo log file but I will investigate that today.

    I actually CAN open a couple of K2's by themselves, I just can't load anything in them without a disaster... it's only reliable if I'm using one instance of K2. I make my DFD changes in the standalone version then restart Nuendo without luck... maybe it's a Steinberg thing? I don't think it's a computer config issue...

    Windows Ram usage (XP-sp1) 3.4G, 2G ram
    OS/Nuendo/K2 (1)=475M
    OS/Nuendo/K2 (2)=675M
    OS/Nuendo/K2 (3)=870M

    I'm fairly new to K2 and it looks great on paper but currently I am very dissatisfied with it... I realize that much has to do with integration with the host and any "issues" with the libraries used so I can't get overly upset. I am hoping that whenever the update occurs, many of these problems will go away... mod wheel crashing k2 and EW Choirs, stuck notes, database atmospheric phenomonem, not to mention the midi channel craziness when loading a new instrument or the inability to use the quick menu to select patches! Any output changes I make are sometimes not saved! It does some very strange things with the EW libraries. I wont discuss my importing problems. It does however load samples in and out of ram considerably faster decreasing the load time for sessions- not with RA or Choirs though. It does however run their included library wonderfully and I'm not noticing the CPU hit that others are reporting. If the bugs were worked out I'm sure I would love it but right now is a different story... sorry to vent...

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    Re: Multiple Instances of K2???

    Maybe try going back to default DFD settings if you have made changes to them (?)


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