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Topic: White Sister for DirectDownload!!!

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    Cool Re: White Sister for DirectDownload!!!

    How long is this offer good through. Sorry, don't mean to be cheap, Looks like a good deal as is, but are there further dicounts for WG Jr users. Just thought I'll clarify. Also, would this be the price WG Jr users would pay as an upgrade price even without the sale. Last question, say I get the giga version, and I want to later try the Kontakt version, what is the price for a crossgrade across platform. Thanks

    Question for everybody else
    I own both GS3 and Kontakt 2.0. In the past its always been an easy decision for me, I've always purchased piano libraries in giga format. But now with convolution and Scripting possibilities of K2, do you think its the better way to go for piano. I want to get this piano, Just uncertain of the format.

    Sometimes, I hate having more choices.


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