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Topic: OT: what the heck?

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    Exclamation OT: what the heck?

    As many of y'all know, a BIG snowstorm just came up the northeast and we got about a foot of snow here. There are tracks in the snow outside of my house that are unexplainable. Each stride is about four feet long, there is about five feet in between each stride, and the two strides (left and right) are about three feet apart. Now, I know of no creature that lives in the decidious forest region that is capable of such prints. I'm judging these distances from a deck way up twenty feet high, so they maybe can be off, but they are big enough that there is absolutely no way a human, bear, deer, or anything could have made these judging from the size of other tracks at that hight.
    Keep in mind that these tracks are in a foot of snow, and the tracks are five feet apart. That means the foot must have been above a foot off the ground for five feet before even touching the snow, then finally touching the ground. Then the foot had to have come up, lifted a foot above the ground, stopped touching the snow, and come back down. The left and right feet are three feet apart. The legth of each track is three feet, which is the legth of the amount of snow that isn't flat with the rest of the snow.

    On top of all this, we have had crop circles in our yard every spring. Last year's was a perfect circle of lush, green grass, and in the middle of that circle was a boulder--the DEAD center. The boulder was below ground with just the top popping out of the ground. This fall's circle is a bit smaller, and a few feet away from the first circle. But it also has part of another circle touching it...it's hard to explain. The overall shape is like o( except the ( part is much smaller. Again, this circle was made of lush, green grass while the rest of the lawn isn't so healthy.

    This is really weird.
    (theme from the Twilight Zone plays)

    I'm a totally serious about all of this. I'm not making this up. This is WEIRD!!


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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    Well, I will say this- I think there is a high probablilty that the cropcircles and your current mystery probably have similar causes!

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    Talking Re: OT: what the heck?

    Chris, If you happen to catch that Beeffalo let me know. It was last seen in your area a couple of days ago during the storm. You can tell it from all the other animals just look for it's wings.

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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    I hope you got pictures of the foot prints and crop circles!

    Was this what you left the chat for?
    (The Nut )


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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    Are you sure you don't live near Loch Ness, too?

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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    Maybe it was an Esuvee?

    Abomidable Snow Man?

    The Snuffleupagus?

    Babe the Blue Ox?

    The Iron Giant?

    Well, you've got the start of a good script at least...

    Photograph with a tape measure along side and call The Enquirer! This might be the next best story for them since The Bat Boy!

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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    Sorry, I was just out wanderin' around.

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    Well, if that happened here, I would be out tracking, carrying a good digital camera with fresh batteries. But I don't think I would try it at night! Too many trees, underbrush, thorns, sudden steep drops, and now, some surpise water filled holes big enough to lose a St. Bernard in.

    For the crop circle phenomena, I would set up some proximity detectors that would activate lights, alarms, probably a good fog horn, and maybe a hidden camera.


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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian2112
    Sorry, I was just out wanderin' around.


    I was just about to try to dig up that picture
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    Re: OT: what the heck?

    If I didn'tk now any better I'd say it was a girraffe, or however you spell it.
    I would take pictures, but my grandparents went on a vacation and took my mom's camera because it's better than their's, so I have no camera!!
    I do have a picture of the first circle, though. I'll see if I can dig it up after school.
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