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Topic: Should I move to Kontakt 2

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    Should I move to Kontakt 2


    I work with HALion 3.1 (as a plugin in Nuendo 3.2), and I'm thinking about jumping to Kontakt 2 (the main reason is that I'll buy KH Emerald and everybody advices me to get the Kontakt version). H3 works fine, and I use it as my main instrument/music source for composing, but I find that most of the sample libraries developers tend to choose K2 (or GS3) as the native platform. Although Steinberg support is everything but a good service and H3 still has a few bugs, I've read that K2 has also a lot of bugs.

    K2 comes with new functions (specially scripting) that opens a new world of possibilities for libraries programming. I supose that the next update of H3 will include this kind of functions too, but I wonder if it will be too late to compete with an standard stablished by the libraries developers. I use extensively Megatriggers (keyswitches), alternate (K2 round robin) and modulation tools to build complex patches where I can have all the differents articulations of an instrument (specially interesting for orchestral sounds).

    I'd like to know the opinion of users who work with Kontakt 2, or that have made the jump. I'd have to pay the near 400 $ for Kontakt 2, so I can be sure before doing it. Specially, I'm interested in these aspects:

    - Building complex programs with folders (I think in K2 is called groups), key switches.
    - Modulation possibilities (use of external controllers, crossfading between layers, etc.).
    - Libraries management.
    - RAMsave / purge samples mode.
    - Hard disk streaming.

    I know it's a lot of info I'm demanding, but your opinion may help.

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    Re: Should I move to Kontakt 2

    No answer? Please, help decide

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    Re: Should I move to Kontakt 2

    Okay, all what you want you can do with K2.
    I'm working with K2 since it was released, and it works great.
    But - I prefer GS3, because using the same instruments in a score (eg. VSL) it needs half of the CPU power of K2.
    I use K2 only for small ensembles, and it works well.

    :-) Jovan

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