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Topic: M Audio Project Mix I/O

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    M Audio Project Mix I/O

    I've read a few different retailers saying that this product has GSIF 2 drivers, but I don't see mention of it on the M Audio site .....I have written to them to see if the drivers do in fact exist .....Does anybody know that they DO IN FACT exist , and are working well with Giga ? ....I'd like to get this mixer for use in both Giga and Sonar combination .....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: M Audio Project Mix I/O

    Their web site actuall does say they have GSIF 2 drivers, on the "Details" tab.

    I've go my eye on that too... I think there'll be a review of it in the January SoundOnSound.

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    Re: M Audio Project Mix I/O

    Thanks for the reply,and the info.....Jim

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    Re: M Audio Project Mix I/O

    Is anybody using the Project Mix I/O ?.....Thanks, Jim

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