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Topic: How tdo i convert from 16 to 32 clusters?

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    How tdo i convert from 16 to 32 clusters?

    I\'d be most grateful for any help regarding this one..
    Will my hd contents be lost in the process, and what software might be able to do the task?
    i know partition magic would work, but is there any share/freeware?
    i\'m on xp btw.

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    Re: How tdo i convert from 16 to 32 clusters?

    hi spdif,

    you can use some applications to convert your FAT32 clusters from 16k to 32k: this has the advantage of not loosing everything on the drive. However I would not suggest doing this as I had several occasions to try Partition Magic and other similar applications.

    From my point of view and my own experience, I would try to keep myself as far as possible from those applications: take your time to backup all the data on the hard drive and perform a plain format. It will take you more time, that\'s sure, but you will not have any master boot sector/partition schemes problems. Considering that these kind of errors are very subtle (they often limit to randomly damage file and degrade disk performances/reliability in a way you cannot easily understand), I would be really sure about using \"format.com\".

    If you are willing to know more about configuring/optimizing audio or giga workstations don\'t hesitate to visit my web site.

    Best luck!

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