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Topic: Building new computer

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    Building new computer

    I am finally getting back into the swing and considering building a new computer for soft synth recording. I currently have 3.0 w/ hyperthreading, 2gig ram dual channel, two SATA 120 gig hard drives, nvidia 6800gt and EMU-1280M.

    I use Sonar 4.0, garrtian, etc.

    First, do I need a new computer? I am looking at the new 64 bit, dual processor setups and wondering if I should invest now or wait another year? My current setup runs pretty good.

    If I do get a new computer, should I go with the Apple G5 or should I stick with Intel motherboard? I don't want to invest more than $3000 on a new rig.


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    Re: Building new computer

    Well, if you use Sonar, you want a PC instead of a Mac.

    Whether you need an upgrade depends on what you're doing, and how much horsepower it requires. You can certainly make music with the rig you have. I currently use a P4 2.66 with 1GB RAM, and can use softsynths, virtual instruments and effects, and samples. I just can't have too much running at once.

    When I upgrade, I'm looking at the Athlon x2 939 pin series. I'd like to get something akin to a a dual core 4400 or 4800 +, but if you do that, you need to be aware of the potential problems with nforce4 regarding DAW. (Apparently, the new PCI-e standard sucks up bandwidth for graphics at the expense of audio processing. I hope this gets resolved soon.)

    Re investing now or waiting, I'm holding off as long as I can, waiting for 64 bit architecture to hit primetime across the whole hardware and software chain, and become relatively cheap.

    But it comes down to what you want to do.


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    Re: Building new computer

    I think I will hold out as long as possible too. My rig is still holding its own. I think it just a psychological thing with me where I feel I always need top-of-the-line everything before writing.

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    Re: Building new computer

    In my opinion your computer is fine. The only things I would change would be perhaps the sound card and a little more storage space.
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    Re: Building new computer

    I run a 3.0 and just discovered the magical BIOS settings allowing me to run it at 3.52 after having topped out at about 3.15 for awhile. I can't keep up with the newer procs, but it has satisfied my craving for speed enough where I think I can hold off until the dual proc AMDs become affordable. Sometime next year I suppose...

    Are you running out of CPU at all on current projects? If not, then why even consider it yet? I've found that the less you worry and think about hardware and/or software, the more productive you actually are (assuming you already have at least acceptable hardware and/or software). That is, sometimes we think its our gear that's holding us back, when its just us holding us back from composing.


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