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Topic: multiple machne setup

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    multiple machne setup

    If multiple slower machines (just enough to get 160 or so voices) are better then fewer faster machines...then

    Has anybody been looking at setting up an \'el cheapo\', minimal spec rack of PC-modules?

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    Re: multiple machne setup

    Hello ellle,

    Yep, absolutely. I built a couple of PCs with these components:

    Amptron motherboard w/SIS 830 chipset (~$85)
    *built-in LAN/Sound/AGP 3D video
    AMD Duron 1.2 Ghz cpu (~$50)
    512 MB Mushkin 133 SDRAM (~$100)
    40 GB Maxtor hard drive
    80 GB Western Digital 8MB cache hard drive
    AudioPhile 2496 sound card

    They rock and they roll. Using MIDI Replicator over the LAN I don\'t need to buy any hardware MIDI interfaces either.


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    Re: multiple machne setup

    With all respect..I was hoping to get more responses on the multiple \'el cheapo\' machine setup (rack or not) issue before we derail into software...

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    Re: multiple machne setup

    Lee, you\'re right, but the new vesrion (called Midi Over Lan) does 16 \'pipes\' instead of 8.

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