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Topic: Fat 32

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    Fat 32

    I\'ve got PC problems, I might have to nuke the drive and start from scratch. If I do, can anyone tell me if I should be running fat 32 format for GS? I don\'t think I\'m currently running this format.


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    Re: Fat 32

    If you\'re on NTFS, stay this way, it support bigger file + security + a bit faster on access time due to design.

    If not NTFS, then what FAT16 ???? Damn it! Yes move to fat32 at least!

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    Re: Fat 32

    Tascam recommends FAT 32 for your gig drives.

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    Re: Fat 32

    Personally, I would go for FAT32.
    NTFS is a bit slower than FAT32 and I dunno with NTFS, but you can get perfect performances out of FAT32 partitions.

    About the cluster size: that\'s very important: be sure to use 32k clusters for your FAT32 partition. NTFS supports 64k clusters and that should make it faster than FAT32 (I suppose). I\'ve tested NTFS-64k partitions with Gigastudio some months ago and had no problems anyway.

    If you feel like experimenting, go for NTFS-64k, otherwise stay cool with FAT32-32k. Right now I would recommend the last one if you have work to do.

    Best luck,

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