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Topic: GPO and Finale training ?

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    GPO and Finale training ?

    Sorry if already asked but search revealed nothing.
    I just received Finale 2005 with the Garritan sounds and am a rookie.
    Could you suggest some of the best training tools for learning Finale, and are there any which also address using Garritan with it ? DVD ? Book ? Or just diving in with the tutorials in Finale and forums ?
    And how about approach ? Starting with a single instrumental line and simulating it until perfected (sorta), then a woodwind quintet, then... ? Or ... ?
    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Re: GPO and Finale training ?

    If you have Finale 2005 you'll need to download GPO Studio from the Garritan website to use with Finale.

    If you have Finale 2006, then GPO works directly from within Finale. Use the search button on this forum to look up anything. Visit the Finale forum and use there search function too. If you're new to Finale, take the time to go thru the tutorials. They give you all of the basics you need.

    Once you're ready to use Finale & GPO together, I'd suggest starting with something small, then work your way up to a full symphony.


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