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Topic: The iPlod

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    The iPlod

    I was thinking that Apple might be on the verge of an energy revolution with their latest offering, the iPlod.

    The package consists of two aging nags hitched to a two or four seat carriage (emblazoned with the Apple logo, of course). In place of cup holders, the carriage has receptacles to hold the iPods and earbuds of the passengers. In a classic example of marketing spin, the relatively low speed achieved by the plodding nags has been presented as a benefit, giving passengers time to enjoy more music on the trip.

    Breaking traditional retail models once more, the iPlods won't be sold as an entire horse and carriage package, which would be out of reach for the financially challenged. Instead, passage on an iPlod will be sold on a per ride basis, with the cost of transportation being nothing more than a snack for the horses.

    They prefer, of course, apples.
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    Another benefit of course is the re-installment of the position of "Street Sweeper." I mean, who's going to clean up that mess? Not me!

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