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Topic: Jazz & Big Band Installation Question

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    Jazz & Big Band Installation Question

    Good morning,

    I just received J&B as a birthday present (shipped by www.bestservice.de, the German distributor of Garritan). Before proceeding with the installation, I have one question:

    In the manual, it says that I have two installations, so I can use the software on my laptop and PC. It also says that changing hardware elements will require a new installation.

    If, e.g. I change the hard disk, or some day buy a new PC (I guess not before long, as my machine is already three years old), will I be able to get more installations from Garritan?

    I'm not a native speaker, so I am not sure if I'm explaining myself well: I would like to install J&B right NOW, but am afraid that by doing so, I might use up one of two installations that come with the software. Should I wait until I buy a new PC?

    TIA for any answers.


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    Re: Jazz & Big Band Installation Question

    If at any time you get rid of a computer you can de-authorize that computer and authorize your new one. The process is relatively easy and painless. I've done it multiple times so far and I've never had issue with it.

    FYI, changing non-operating system hard drives does not require a re-authorization of the plugin. However, changing the OS drive does.

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    Re: Jazz & Big Band Installation Question

    Thanks, Joseph.

    I am not familiar with that process, as up to now I just used Steinberg products, which have a different authorization system.


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