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Topic: JABB & Overture 4

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    JABB & Overture 4

    I’m having some problems Jazz & Big Band in overture When I hit tab and then the drop down for the controller menu sometimes Overture just disappears. when the drop down menu does open the words are a bunch of unreadable cymbals . Also sometimes during playback I get a loud hum, forward motion stops ( though still in play) Ovature 4 needs to be stopped then saved and closed then reopened to make it go away. Also vibrato on saxes is controlled by a combination of after touch and controller 17(?) I’ve not been able to get that to work in ovature (works live from keys) I’m not sure what's JABB (Kontakt player) and what is overture messing up. Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: JABB & Overture 4

    The first problem will be addressed in the next patch (the garbled controller dropdown.)

    I'm not sure about the controller issue (Aftertouch + CC17) as there's no way for me to test it.

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    Re: JABB & Overture 4

    We need to get you a copy of JABB

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