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Topic: My Two-Part Invention

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    My Two-Part Invention

    This was is my final assignment for my Music Theory 3 class. The assignment was to write a "Bach-like" two-part invention. Here is mine, it's in a minor. Done with Overture SE and the GPO piano (hopefully I'll have a version of me playing up before the beginning of next week ).

    Low Quality

    High Quality

    And just incase one of you maybe wanted to play it.... the Overture (SE 3.6) file.

    Any comments are welcome!

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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    Well done!

    Jelly or double-glazed?


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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    This is great! Worthy of a donut, I'd say . . . no, no, TWO donuts! Heck, have a dozen!

    But seriously, great work! I enjoyed listening and following along in Overture. There's a lot of great stuff here! Definitely sounds Bachian to me Great work!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    Very nice. It's ironic that I have a two part invention due tomorrow for my Music Theory class...now, to get to work on that

    The little voices in my head are singing four-part harmony.

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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    You're making me feel left out I'm going to have to write a two-part invention too now!

    eh . . . it can wait . . . a couple years . . .
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    Excellent! Very Bach-like harmony.
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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    Very cool ! Great job. I liked that very much.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    Great stuff, and you know what i liked about it.? It actually has invention. !!Sounds obvious, but invention is a rarely beheld beast in these technical kind of composition exercises.
    I Once attended a 6 hour master class for composers by Peter Maxwell Davies, on Bach's E minor 2-part invention.(it is only about 32 bars long) at the end of the class he told us we had barely scraped the surface of this masterpiece.
    He had a point though.There is so little decoration or sonic ravishment going on, that it frees the mind to concentrate on what the composer is actually doing with his material.
    Superb Job.

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    Re: My Two-Part Invention

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! I hope he likes the final version as much as you all do! Actually, doing this piece has inspired me to write more music. Hopefully it'll all go as well as this did.

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    Thumbs up Re: My Two-Part Invention

    The concept of writing using harmonic progressions is well developed, and cadenzas are in the right place. Nice exercise: your teacher is right!

    Next time more entries of the main theme please (at least the ripresa in the middle...;-))

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