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Topic: setup problem

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    Re: setup problem

    Hi Alan,

    What is the purpose of the second controller?

    If you just want control sliders, etc., then consider buying a control surface with sliders/knobs. These can take the MIDI from your Fatar (I have the 880), add the MIDI controler data, and pass it on to you PC MIDI In.

    There are many products on the market. I got a used JC Cooper FadeMater (8 sliders) for $50 on ebay.

    As far as working on one PC, you can deffinatly start that way. I\'d recomend getting demo versions of any of the sequencers you\'re considering. I personally think that Sonar is the best choice for a single PC setup, but if you\'re used to Cubasis, then you might want to go with Cubase. Or, if you want to work from notation, Finale and Sibelius are, of course, options.

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    Re: setup problem

    Thank you Bill for that quick reply!

    Well, the purpose of the second controller. This is something I\'m not sure for myself. I really would like the idea to have a synth with the controllers on it because of a good synth also, but well... my budget would not allow this.

    So I would have to go with a control surface as you suggested.

    Well, thanks again!

    By the way - before I buy GSt 96/160 - is it better to wait until version 3 is released? Or should I go with 2.5?


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    setup problem


    I hope not to repeat answered questions:

    I have a controller Fatar SL-990 without sliders or anything else than the 88 keys. I\'m using a 1.1 Gigahertz Athlon B. I\'m used to sequence some things with Cubasis AV. But this is not what I want. I do want to do more orchestral.

    I\'m planning to buy:
    - EWX 24/96 audio card to have a GSIF compatible setup
    - Sequencer & Gigastudio 96 or 160
    - Another controller with many controlling features

    My question is: Can I connect both to the EWX and what do you recommend as the second controller (I thought of a 76 key synth or master keyboard)

    And: How can I sequence and use GigaStudio on 1 PC with this setup? What sequencer/setup do you recommend to have a orchestra on one screen?

    Please keep on mind I\'m not on endless budget, alltogether it should not be more than 2000-2500 bucks without libraries (please do NOT recommend any of these, but the hardware!).

    Thanks in advance!


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