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Topic: midi help

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    midi help

    hello everyone. i have a basic midi question. i'm using energyXT to run all of my VST's live, and i'm using a kurzweil pc88 to control it.

    i have different VST's set to different midi channels. i also have some of the sliders on my kurz set up for different parameters, like cc7 for volume.

    if i am soloing a zone that is only transmitting on one midi channel, say 3 for example, and i move the slide that is assigned to cc7, for some reason it changes the volume on ALL of my midi channels.

    is this something that will always happen? or is there a way around this? does the kurzweil always transmit cc#'s to ALL midi channels? or is this the standard that not only kurzweil follows, but every other keyboard too? i would really like to be able to control the volume for one midi channel but not the other.

    anyways, thanks for any help. sorry for a silly question.


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    Re: midi help

    Hey Todd,

    This may be an issue with the way the PC88 treats soloing.

    I found this in the manual:

    "You can solo the current Zone (mute all the others) by pressing the Solo button. The current Zone's button turns red. Pressing any other Zone button will solo its Zone. Pressing Solo again turns the other Zones back on. Zones that are not Soloed will still transmit non-note information."

    Note the last sentence. 'non-note information' - that means your controllers.

    As a result, even if you've solo'd zone 1, controller info is being sent to the other three 'muted' zones as well.

    The only way around this that I can think of is that you set up your controllers such that each zone uses unique controller numbers. It'd be a real PIA though.

    Maybe someone else has a better, more lateral approach...?

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    Re: midi help

    thanks for the help. i was going to try and program things to behave differently, but for xmas my girlfriend just got me the m-audio keystation pro88!!! so i just have to learn how to program it now instead!

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