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Topic: Vibrato playing...

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    Vibrato playing...

    I am working on a "realization" of a piece that I wrote for my son, and am having a devil of a time getting the flute to sound "live". What I thought was that if I added some vibrato, it would help, but - I'm not sure if it's me or what - the vibrato doesn't do it (at least the way I've executed it).

    Which brings me to my question:
    In flute (or any of the wind powered jazz instruments) is the vibrato usually on immediately for a long note, or does it "ramp up"? Does the frequency of the vibrato change over time?

    I'm hoping that this will help me get a better realization - I'm pretty new to the "scene" (I've been lurking for quite awhile, though )

    Mark McDowell

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    Re: Vibrato playing...

    Well, im not exactly an expert, but i'd say that on a LONG sustained note, the vibrato would gradually come in, not be there RIGHT away. I could be wrong, but its how i'd expect to hear it played. Hope it helps!

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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