Although I'm a newbie with GPO, I am very skilled with Sibelius (been using it since ver 1.0), but I need some help and/or advice with the following, with my thanks in advance.

1) I would like to make a pop arrangement in Sibelius that includes Drums Set and percussion sounds. As GPO does not include these sounds, is there any other way that I could get those sounds?
2) As Sibelius 3 has included Kontakt Player Silver (although I never used it because I felt it is very limited, reason why I normally play the sounds from a GM sound module or keyboard), and it has a set of samples called "GM Drums", can I use them to be played by GPO's Kontakt Player by copying them from its default folder to GPO's?
3) As a workaround, can GPO play simultaneously Kontakt Player Silver and GPO's own Kontakt player thru the same Asio audio card (in my case Digi 001).

I will really appreciate any help.