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Topic: breath controller help

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    breath controller help


    I just purchased a Yamaha BC3A breath controller along with the midi solutions breath controller box. When I use it with gigastudio it\'s programmed to change the channel volume. How can I program it to use breath control or expression?


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    Re: breath controller help

    Hi Gary,

    I think you have two similar alternatives.

    One would be to run your midi signal through a sequencer, and tell the sequencer to translate this volume midi messages to another controller (breath or expression).

    The other alternative, I have heard, is to use MidiOX (A shareware program that sits between your controller and Giga, and that can translate the MIDI stream similarly). You should find MidiOX in the internet with no problem.

    I\'ve never tried either, so maybe some other folks can give you more detailed information.

    Good luck,


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    Re: breath controller help

    Hello Gary,

    I\'m considering getting one of those setups as well. I don\'t have one yet, but I\'ve been reading all about the MIDI Solutions breath controller unit. You program it with sysex messages. How do you do that? Well you create them in your sequencer program that\'s how. What\'s sysex? It\'s basically code that is specific (or SYStem EXclusive to the device) to the MIDI Solutions box.

    The instructions on their website have all the information you need. There are like five different parameters you need to tell it then it should retain those in memory until you reprogram it to do something else. You can save your little sysex messages as MIDI files to quickly change the setup in the box when you need to.

    Here\'s the link to the PDF instructions:

    MIDI Solutions Breath Controller instruction manual

    Hope this helps. Let me know how you like it. Maybe I can lose the DX7 I\'m using for the breath controller input [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: breath controller help

    I\'ve been using BC3 for couple of years now and used both alternatives mentioned above.

    y BC3 is connected thru YAMAHA\'s VL70m where it is possible to set what MIDI controller is output.
    It is also simple to use a MIDI transformer in Cubase to change a controller number.

    However, MidiOx offers some nice extras. First of all, you can duplicate a MIDI stream (which CUBASE can\'t !!!!) and so control more MIDI parameters with one \'breath\'. Secondly it allows to change a range of MIDI controller, so if your BC outputs data values between 0 (no breath) and 127 (blowing like a hell) MidiOx can transform it in any range you set let\'s say into data range between 50 and 110.
    The only strange thing this program does (at least to me) is that once installed and used, Cubase will not receive any MIDI In unless I start also MidiOx. But that\'s OK for me.


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    Re: breath controller help


    Thank you all for the education. I just downloaded midiox so I\'m going to go give that a try. Thanks again.


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    Re: breath controller help

    If you need the breath controller for playing saxophones in Giga, do not hesitate to purchase VR sound GIGA-saxes: beginning from the best samples is very important to increase the effectiveness of breath controlling.

    In addition you can find this article useful:


    I wrote it for Kurzweil and not for Giga, but you can find it useful anyway I think.

    Best luck,

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    Re: breath controller help

    y BC3 is connected thru YAMAHA\'s VL70m where it is possible to set what MIDI controller is output.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Thanks for the tip, ondrej, I really HAVE to start reading the manuals! [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    That just saved me from purchasing another CC translator...


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    Re: breath controller help


    I had some time today to work with midiox. This is exactly what I needed. Changing midi controls is extremely simple. Thanks Ondrej for the suggestion.


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