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Topic: OT Mac OS X Startup Blunder

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    OT Mac OS X Startup Blunder

    Was in my system prefs last night and accidentally selected "Network" as my start up disk.

    This morning I turned my G5 on only to see a picture of the earth in a small box on my screen. I immediately realized my mistake. Tried to restart off Tech Tool Pro CD holding down the C key. I figured I could reset my startup disk if I could just boot off the CD. Still, a picture of the earth signifying a search for a network startup disk.

    How do I get my Mac back to starting off the main boot drive?

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    Re: OT Mac OS X Startup Blunder


    If there is no CD in the drive it should initiate startup from the main boot drive. Also remember to remove any networked computers. But if it doesn't, try any of these commands as it is starting up:

    Option ----- "select a startup disk"

    Hold mouse button down ----- "eject removable disks"

    Command(Apple Key) + . (period) ----- "open CD tray when selecting startup"


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    Re: OT Mac OS X Startup Blunder

    Thanks Derek, very helpful!

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