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Topic: Run and Gun Theme - please criticize!

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    Run and Gun Theme - please criticize!

    i'm working on 3 non-profit projects right now to gather something for my portfolio, and this is my first try on a "run and gun" action theme for one of the three, intended for when the going gets tough in the game :-)

    please tell me what you think in all brutal honesty. i don't consider this to be finished just yet, but pretty much "almost there", with just a bit of tweaking left to be done. if you disagree, please feel free to tell me why. check it out here:


    edit: link updated.

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    Re: Run and Gun Theme - please criticize!

    Sounds good man. It's useable.

    The only thing I have to say is that it's distorting on some of those hits. It's either too hot or maybe you're using a limiter and it's getting slammed too hard.

    Other than that it sounds really good man.
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    Re: Run and Gun Theme - please criticize!

    Musically it's not too bad, but the massive compression/limiting you've done has knocked all the life and movement out of it.

    You don't have to compress the bahjeezus out of this sort of music.

    Can we hear it again with dynamic range?
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    Re: Run and Gun Theme - please criticize!

    ok, by popular demand i herewith present the touched-up (remastered), not-so-hot-anymore, "brand new" version of my run and gun theme. if you have anything to say... ah, what the heck, you know the drill....

    the link: http://mp3.de/musik/genre/band/100408/251216/31_348332

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    Re: Run and Gun Theme - please criticize!

    I like it.

    A couple comments.

    at around :28 and :56 you do these hits which musically seem fine, but may seem a bit jarring to your average listener.

    also I'd change it up a bit, its repetitive, the rhythm I mean. You reorchestrate nicely throughout, but I'd maybe change up the rhythm a little. not dramatically different, could even be a dynamic change,less pulses,a variation, or augmentation....

    sounds good...

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    Thumbs up Re: Run and Gun Theme - please criticize!

    Like it very much, it definately fits with the Running and gunning theme... so ... thumbs up.

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