Hi all,

I am looking into the option of displaying a video stream on a secondary monitor, from Logic 5.x (composing) as well as from Vegas Video 3 (mixing, rendering).

I am thinking about reduced size display (say 448 x 336), Intel Indeo 5.04 codec, stretched to the monitor\'s screen size.

Machine: Athlon 1800+, currently with a single AGP video card. I can replace it and/or add another PCI video-card.
OS: Win98SE, but I could upgrade to XP if that helps (I currently find that a waste of computer resources).

Do I need a dual-head video card? If so, which one is compatible with BOTH programs?

Any potential pitfalls with this kind of setup?

As I also want to run GigaStudio alongside Logic, so CPU-load should also be as low as possible for this setup. I know this IS a bit taxing for a system (sequencer, sampler AND video-display)... But I am planning to remove Giga from this machine, so it\'s a temp setup.

Thanks for any tips/pointers!