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Topic: Motown

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    How can I get that 60's/early 70's Motown strings sound out of GPO? I'm having a hard time getting the strings to have that edgy bite like in "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone."

    Any advice would be greatly apperciated...

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    Re: Motown

    I would venture to say that most if not all of the "bite" the strings of the 60’s and 70’s were due to the analog recording process of the time. Think it be quite a task to create such distinctive timbres using the string library of today's digital processes. Then again, there may well be an effect someone has experience with that will do the trick. Be interesting to hear about.
    Interesting post.
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    Re: Motown

    Well, whenever you figure it out, I sure want to hear what you're working on. I could listen to things in the style of the old Motown stuff all day!
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    Re: Motown

    I've used a tape saturation plug-in that came with Sonar, along with some compression to get something similar. I wasn't specifically looking for Motown, but it might have passed with minor tweaks.
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