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Topic: SC plays J.S. BACH

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    Red face SC plays J.S. BACH

    Hi all,
    after one afternoon I did this rendition with EWQLSC (incredible tool!).
    It is a famous piece of the GREAT MASTER:

    J.S.BACH - St. John Passion BWV 245
    O Grosse Lieb

    The text (deutsche):

    O Grosse Lieb,
    o Lieb' ohn alle Maasse,
    die dich gebracht auf diese Marter Strasse!
    Ich lebte mit der Welt in Lust und Freuden,
    und du musst leiden!

    I think it needs some modifications, that I will do soon...

    Best regards to all,

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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    Incredible. Beautiful.

    Sure, the pronounciation is great on some words and so-so on others, but the choir is singing nonetheless.

    I just purchased VOTA for Giga last night, as well as the 2.0 tool. (I couldn't resist the sale price.) I downloaded the tool, and applied it to some other libs. It looks like it will work quite well. If I can get half as good a result, I'll be pleased.

    I look forward to hearing your future choir works!


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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    You've done well! Bach writes well too, doesn't he.

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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    That sounds great!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    That is so cool, Rob! It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. There is no instrument so magnificent as the human voice, in my opinion.

    Excellent job. Thanks for posting.

    My best,

    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    I don't think its an exageration to say that this is one of the most impressive renderings I have heard done with SC. The lines are so fluid and expressive... Beach, your skill in making really musical use of this library is becoming very impressive.

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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH


    Very beautiful. may I ask how long that took to complete?

    All the very best,


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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    Very nice work. Did this really only take you one afternoon? Amazing.


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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    Roberto, really impressive.
    I've heard all current QLSOSC demos, and this is at the top of the list with Thomas J's.
    You need to send this to Nick & Doug.

    What reverb & other effects did you use during mixdown ?

    Best, JLP

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    Re: SC plays J.S. BACH

    Beautiful work Roberto.Nobody does Adagio Legato like you.

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