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Topic: Someone from Nemesys please read!

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    Someone from Nemesys please read!

    Ok, if this is Dave from Nemesys reading this, thankyou for sending the diagnostic file to Russell. I will be over at the studio tomorrow so we will run the file then and send it back to you . I just have a few more questions. Russells setup is as follows. Abit motherboard, intel pentium 2 350 processor, 256 mb ram and he has a quantum fireball ka plus ultra dma hard drive. Even though you guys did not recommend using a fireball drive ( I think you meant the older plain fireball drive not the new KA ultra dma with a access time of 8.5 ms ) I had brought mine over and tried it in russells computer because he was getting pops usnig the bosendorfer piano and a seagate drive. The pops dissapeared with the fireball drive of mine, but when Russell bought the exact same drive we now have some clicks with the pianos. He is using giga in a demanding professional studio and he needs it to run rock solidly. He has moved all his giga files off drive c: and onto the new fireball drive but now since then giga takes ages to load a file e.g minutes and the program is also unstable. Some people have sugggested using the IBM DJ-NA drive because its supposed to be faster than some scsi drives even thought its IDE. DO you reccomend this drive? What do you guys personally use in your systems that works well. Is scsi neccesary for pro work e.g a piano loaded plus string libraries etc all at once with no pops. If you could help us with anything it would be great. Russell has dedicated his studio to using giga as the main sampler, but at the moment it is too unstable to rely on it. Of course we love gigasampler its totally awesome but we need it to work as it should. I hope if we run the diagnostic file it might help you shed some light on the problem. keep up the good work, and thanks for reading this novel!!!

    ps I am posting on this forum because I seem to get a quicker response than through emailing

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    Re: Someone from Nemesys please read!

    One thing that made a big difference for me in the complete elimination of clicks was to makes sure DMA setting is checked for the drive. This only pertains to IDS drives. Go into settings>control panel>system>device manager>disk drives. On each drive make sure DMA is on (default is off). I\'m running some pretty standard IDE drives with NO clicks on the pianos. Note: I couldn\'t do this when running the AWE 64 Gold because it also uses DMA and this caused problems. I\'m now using Gina and it works great. Sorry I don\'t have an ideas for SCSI.

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    Re: Someone from Nemesys please read!

    We configure systems using the new IBM advance technology drives. These are fast and have a 2meg cache on them also. We also check the DMA checkbox in the device manager.
    Also, some people have had very good luck disabling the virtual memory settings. (of course enabling them has helped other people as well)
    Let us know how it goes. You will need to send any diagnostic tools to us through email. You even have my direct email now so there are two places you can send it too.
    Take care

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