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Topic: RMX or Atmosphere?

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    Merry Xmas to me!


    I just sold one of my strats, so I figure SantaWes needs to put something Spectrasonicsy underneath my Christmas tree! I'm thinking about starting with RMX.

    What online shops do y'all recommend?


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    Re: RMX or Atmosphere?

    With all due respect to Ilio who I believe is Eric's company (or at least the one he works most closely with), other retailers out there have slightly better pricing for Spectrasonics line of products.

    Houseofsamples.com has probably one of the best prices, audiomidi.com does too. There is also audiomidimall.com

    Plus don't forget that sometime those guys offer bundle deals.
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    Re: RMX or Atmosphere?

    Quote Originally Posted by midphase
    With all due respect to Ilio who I believe is Eric's company (or at least the one he works most closely with)
    Just for the record:

    Spectrasonics and ILIO are totally independent companies from each other. ILIO is owned by Mark and Shelly Hiskey and I don't have any ownership of that company. Spectrasonics is one of the developers that they distribute (they also distribute USB, VSL, Applied Acoustics, Synthogy, etc.)

    ILIO is the exclusive N. American distributor of Spectrasonics products. They supply the retail dealers in the US and Canada, and they also will sell direct to end users. You're also correct that they are generally very careful not to undercut their retail dealers' prices.

    Spectrasonics is my company and we have different distributors of our products in each territory of the world, including Best Service in Germany, Time and Space in the UK, Media Integration in Japan, etc.

    Hope that clarifies. :-)


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    Re: RMX or Atmosphere?

    I'm just getting into the world of Spectrasonics - I purchased Spectrum RMX yesterday!

    This is my very first venture into virtual instruments (can I call them that?) as I have always been a MIDI user - using Cubase to trigger outboard keyboards etc.

    I didn't quite manage to install first time around (too eager to load the discs, not patient enough to read the instructions) - but it looks an excellent product. Now I want to expand already!

    It strikes me that RMX is the platform that you'd need to start everything off with - adding other expansions along the way.....

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    Re: RMX or Atmosphere?

    Neilda; for expanders (and there are a growing amount of them!) that is the case. However, the two other Spectrasonics VIs (Atmosphere & Trilogy) operate independently from RMX. Of course, they sound great when used together, anyway Also, the extensive list of Spectrasonics libraries like Hans Zimmer Guitars and Heart of Asia, while not bundled with a VI, can be loaded into the sampler of your choice so you don't necessarily need RMX for those either.

    Your best bet? Get the expanders AND the other VIs/libraries. You won't be disappointed.
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    Re: Merry Xmas to me!

    Quote Originally Posted by wes37
    What online shops do y'all recommend?

    mtlcMusic (Same company as houseofsamples.com)

    Low prices and great service. Plus, they're a smallish outfit, so if you have questions you can call and talk to someone who typically has first-hand knowledge of the product. (Talk to Arnie for a usually highly entertaining conversation.)


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