I recently put together a brand new PC for Giga. Unfortunately, I need to do sequencing on the same computer. But I had no problems doing this with my last computer that was inferior in every way.

I am using a MOTU Midi Express XT with the parallel port connection. I had no latency problems at all with it on my old machine. Now, when I record into Cubase everything sounds in sync while I\'m playing in the parts. But when I\'ve stopped recording, the line I\'ve just recorded had moved forward by about one second. This is frustrating and unacceptable. The sequences I was working on prior to upgrading computers are almost unusable. After every instument I record on top of what I already had now has to be manually moved back to be in time with the previos lines. Is this an interface problem?

I\'ve downloaded the new drivers for Windows XP by the way. Tascam was unable to help me. Any info would be appreciated.