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Topic: Standalone GPOA?

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    Standalone GPOA?

    I vaguely remember reading that GPOA will be made as a library for Kontakt 2. Does this mean that there will not be a DXi / VST "Kontakt Player" version, as in GPO, JABB, etc.?

    I don't own Kontakt, and I usually prefer to buy "Virtual Instrument" libraries which don't require separate software to run--but if this is not an option for GPOA, then I should start saving for Kontakt 2 now.

    Anybody know for certain?

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    Re: Standalone GPOA?

    Hello, CallMeZoot

    I usually use GPO with KONTAKT2 as a VST instrument even now, (because KSP is very useful).
    The new KONTAKT player may have Key Script Processing function, from what I have heard.
    KSP serves as "Perfomance Tool" when using VSL Legato instruments that comes with KONTAKT2.

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    Re: Standalone GPOA?

    I'm sure if GPOA doesn't have it's own player it will in an update. Somehow I don't think Gary would do such a thing to us.
    Actually, Gary's said that the GPOA player will have more bells and whistles than the GPO player, so I guess there will be a GPOA player?
    I sure hope so...


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    Re: Standalone GPOA?

    Seems like the whole nature of GPO is to be stand-alone. So I'd imagine as an extension of the product line that this central feature would be carried through.

    Still, if not, don't follow through with out double checking me on this, but...

    I think we're all eligible for the upgrade version of Kontakt 2 because of the registered Kontakt player in our GPOs. So you could buy the K2 upgrade for only 200 dineros at http://www.bhphotovideo.com. If you needed.

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    Wink Re: Standalone GPOA?

    Standalone GPOA ... I think this is a given.

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    Re: Standalone GPOA?

    I on the other hand think it would be great if Advanced were available in a non-player format as well. Perhaps we might even see a giga version?

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