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Topic: Turnkey Giga laptop?

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    Turnkey Giga laptop?

    I know that Soundchaser has been offering a Giga laptop, but who are the other high quality outfits are that are suppling turnkey systems?

    If anyone has a recommendation for one that might do laptops, I\'d appreciate it.


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    Re: Turnkey Giga laptop?

    Well, i would say you only need a good laptop, with loads of ram + fast HD and a RME PCMCIA card. Ultra low latencies + GSIF driver....

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    Re: Turnkey Giga laptop?

    Hey Matt!! Great to see you on the forum!

    I\'m about to build a notebook system to take to a remote gig. Probably going for a Dell Inspiron 8200. Already have the Nuendo Audiolink (same as RME Multiface) for it.

    I\'ll let you know how it goes..

    ps: hi to Jill!

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    Re: Turnkey Giga laptop?


    Are you looking into the two HD option using the media bay?
    Are you gonna use the 5400rpm HDs?
    What sound card or other options are you looking at?


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    Re: Turnkey Giga laptop?

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the replies.

    The reason I was thinking turnkey is because I Basically lack the time, motivation, and above all SKILLS to deal with any nasty Windows/Giga configuration issues that might come up.

    I\'ve only found one turnkey laptop out there so far, and it costs some large bux, and always requires AC power.

    So I\'m starting to seriously consider just going with the Toshiba Tecra 8200 PIII 850 (using the internal Yamaha sound chip and internal hard drive) that King has posted about here. It looks like it works without a lot of set up hassles, is relatively cheap now, gets lotsa voices, and is truly portable (I\'m more concerned with portability when traveling than I am with the quality of the converters, interfacing, etc.)Ahhh, orchestral composing out in the woods, or on the beach.

    Hey Crispin, I\'d definitely love to hear about how your laptop config works out (BTW, you gonna be passing thru Seattle anytime soon?).

    Any more thoughts, opinions would be appreciated.

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