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Topic: Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials

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    Question Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials

    So, looks like the new library from the old guy.


    Has anyone tried it yet? Is it good? How does it sound compared to other libraries?



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    Re: Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials


    I've check it out before. Looks like a repackage of some of his earlier libraries. Because if you listen to the demos, its similar to the prosamples. Some things may be reprogrammed, not sure though. May be there are additions there as well. But you do have the flexiblity to use it in different formats, VST, etc. But as far as the samples go, I am not sure how much new stuff is in there. Nevertheless it sounds pretty good, and its nice to have all the stuff in one convenient package.

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials

    There are two different new librarys by Peter Siedlazcek.

    ddarvin7, I think you mix it up with the "complete classical collection"
    This a collection of his old librarys.

    "String Essentials" is completly new recorded stuff.
    I met Peter during our presentation last week in munich.
    He told me, everything is fresh recorded, and he worked 2 years on his library.

    I think, the demos represent the sound very well.
    Its different to VLS and EW. Every of this three librarys has its own sound.

    I, personally like the sound. Especially the agressive staccato basses.
    The programming is very intelligent. A lot of keyswitches and articulations.

    At least, the best strings you can get for that price.

    Chris Hein
    Chris Hein - Horns / Chris Hein - Guitars / Chris Hein - Bass

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    Cool Re: Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials

    Oops Sorry, jumped the gun there.

    For whatever reason I had the "complete classical collection" on my mind. Because I just ordered Peters Prosamples choir to test the sounds.

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    Nov 2004
    Ridgeway (Fort Erie), ON, Canada

    Thumbs up Re: Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials

    Ddarwin7, Chris,

    Thanks a lot for replies. I'm a user of AO (for GS) since 2002, and I've found that I'd return to it again and again over the years, mostly because of many, many useful articulations - and because of the ease of use, thanks to great Keyswitching features of the library.

    Chris, it's good to know that all the content is new. I'll try to place my order before the Chr... oops, before the end of the Holiday season .



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    Re: Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials

    Has any1 tested new Peter Siedlaczeks String Essentials?
    does it have any legato tool?

    I wonder if it can be run with kontakt v2 or it's only a standalone app..

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