Ok, as the subject says, I want to get better permance from my set up. I\'d like to have 1 computer running Gigastudio, and the other running Cubase. Will this work? Here are my 2 systems. If someone can tell me which way would work best and how, that would really be great. Also, if there is a URL with documentation on how to do this, that would be even better:

PC #1
P3 1Ghz, 512RRAM, 10,000 RPM SCSI for samples
7200 RMP EIDE for data
Echo Gina20 (The older card)
Gigastudio 160, latest patch
Cubase VST 5.1
Sound Blaster Audigy
Currenty works ok driving Giga and Cubase but could be better

PC #2 P3 1 Ghz, 256RAM, 20GB IDE Drive
No sound card. Debating on which to put in this one.

Both systems can support Digital in/out and should work with Cubase VST system link.

I\'d really like to make this work without buying new hardware. I can also network these puppies if need be. My Gina card does not have a midi interface.

Thanks for any input.