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Topic: Unusual unequal starting volumes

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    Unhappy Unusual unequal starting volumes

    I'm using EWQLSO Gold as a VST synth in Sonar 4 (first time--previously was using as DXi synth), and I just opened a new midi file that I transfered from a different program. Anyway, at the starting volumes, the solo keyswitch clarinet is super loud, but the two 4 tpt sus DXF, the 6 fr horn sus DXF, and the 4 tbone sus DXF are all ridiculously quiet. Even when I turn the clarinet down quite a bit (-4.2 dB) and the brass up quite a bit (around 7.3 or 7.6 dB), the clarinet is still quite a bit more noticeable than the brass (which is REALLY weird, since brass normally outplay clarinets by a long shot!) Any ideas as to why?

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    Re: Unusual unequal starting volumes

    Do the tracks sending data to the DXF patches had mod-wheel data in them? DXF patches are near silent when no modulation data is being sent to them. This is by design. The mod-wheel data sent to these patches control volume for continuous dynamic changes.

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    Re: Unusual unequal starting volumes

    Ah, okay. Thanks! Now I can hear my lovely brass.

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