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Topic: Little money, need soundcard

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    Little money, need soundcard

    I'm a student strapped for cash, but love music.

    I have a *SB: Live! Value* soundcard.

    After you're all done throwing up, is there a noticeable difference between SB: Live! Value, and this:
    SB Live! 24-bit

    Is that decent for music production?

    Are there any other cheap soundcards which would be better?

    I know that this may be weird for a community with such professional composers who probably a room full of equipment, but I'm hoping I, as an amateur who hopes to one day reach that level too, I can get some good help here.

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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    Actually, it'll be more like save another 70-80 bucks, because that SB Live! 24-bit is listed in a Canadian store, and those will probably cost around 130-140 here in Canada, but thanks for the links. I guess it's much more worthwhile to wait to have enough money for those.

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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    I would be tempted to bid on this:


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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    Ships to: United States

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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    The Audiophile 24/96 by M-Audio would be my pick as the cheapest and best solution that I would call truly professional and I can vouch for it (I have 4 of them), BUT the Soundblaster 24 ought to get you by just fine if you're really on a budget. Not having heard one it might actually work as well as the M-Audio, hard to say. It is 24-bit after all and it's claiming a 100Db S/N ratio which ain't shabby...

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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    One of the most underrated cards is the one I have--Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1. It's considered a prosumer card, because it has 7.1 surround for movies and games, but is also has all the pro audio drivers like ASIO, WMD, MME, and GSIF(which other consumer/prosumer card do you know that actually has giga support?). I've been using is for years and not a single problem. Latency is great (I'm a keyboard player, so I'm very picky about latency), so is the sound quality.

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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    No kidding, that card has Giga support?? That's pretty cool!

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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    Hoontech ST Audio DSP24 Value or MKII comes up off the top of my head when thinking about really cheap PCI-cards that has really good bang for the buck. It sounds great, good S/N ratio too. The drivers could be better and thus also the latency. If I remember correctly, I got about 6-7 ms latency @ 44 khz 16 bit on my older 2 ghz pentium, but I've used worse cards.
    It supports up to 24/96, has GSIF, WDM, ASIO2, MME and analogue as well as optical and digital I/O and optional MIDI I/O. I would imagine you could find it for like $80 US or less. Have a look at www.staudio.com and see if it seams reasonable.

    I would also like to echo an already mentioned good bang for the buck choice: M-Audio's Audiofile card.

    Good luck
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    Re: Little money, need soundcard

    I was thinking of just saving for an Audiophile, since I don't see any point of wasting my money now then re-buying once I have time to get a part time job, and it seems like a fairly solid buy from what people here and other boards have told me.

    Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 sounds interesting, but there's no MIDI interface?? It's not too much lower than the Audiophile though, so I guess it's Audiophile 24/96 vs this one, what would be the result?

    Edit: though, another point of my question was whether there was really any point in upgrading from my cruddy SB: Live! Value, to SB: Live 24-bit, or should I just wait a while until I have enough saved money for something better (might be a while)

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