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Topic: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

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    Library disappointment. Need some advice.

    Hi everybody,

    There's nothing to do about it. I really don't like GOS. It's been a disappointment from the moment I loaded the first instrument. What a shame. I'd been reading raving reviews everywhere about this library and decided that this would become my main library. We all know it's a an expensive library and I'm in no position to keep on spending that kind of money.

    What are my options here? What would you do? Did anybody else have a similar experience with an expensive library?


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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    FWIW, I bought my copy of GOS second hand, quite recently (I differ from you and think it's a great library, even now with everything else on the market).

    While sample libraries generally have licences that say they can't be legally resold, the guy who sold me mine contacted Gary and got permission, and transferred the registration over to my name. Gary was fine about it and took care of all the necessary administration.

    So my point is, maybe you could get back some of the money you spent this way. Probably not a great proportion of it, but something.

    More advanced things have been done since this library was released, and you may find that VSL strings or something satisfies you more. Or you may just not be happy with sampled strings at all. The main thing is not to just go on reviews - you must listen to demos of anything you plan to buy, and read around users' comments in places like this. String sound quality is very subjective and some people love what over people hate (eg, our reactions to GOS). It's not just a question of finding something "good", it's finding something right for you.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    Sharmy, from your comparison to EWQLSO Silver, it sounds like you might be talking about GPO rather than GOS.

    kramusica, what problems do you have with it? GOS was one of the first modern sample libraries. In other words, it went past the "fast strings/slow strings and that's it" limitation and included ten billion articulations.

    What I wonder is whether you're expecting just to be able to play all those articulations. Even with keyswitching, lots of MIDI controllers, and so on, you have to do some "programming" to get the most out of it.

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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharmy
    have you listened to the demos?

    for the amount of money this library charges you will be hard pressed to get much better quality or support. QLSO silver is another good option as is Apple loops Orchestral, but don't sell this library short unless you hate the sound of the demos.
    Thanks for the laugh! This is like someone saying they don't like the way a worker does his job and getting the reply - "have you looked at his/her resume'?". The implication is that the image of reality - the demo - should be trusted more than the reality - actually owning and using the library.

    One thing I've learned, and I'm sure the developers are in the same bag, is that there are different strokes for different folks. One guy's incredible grand is another guy's upright. As long as everybody doesn't agree on how bad your product is you're doing ok.

    Seems to me that one of the advantages of the Kontakt licensing system is the ability to de-register the product. Since there is a way to disable the long term use of the product, worst case until an unscrupulous original owner makes an upgrade, which in this business is generally not very long, one should be able to resell the product.


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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    I you had bought this you wouldn't have posted this thread.


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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    Thanks everybody for posting. Obviously we all have different tastes. Yes, I listened to all the demos before purchasing. You now how it goes, the library arrives, you load a sound in the sampler, you press a note... and either you "feel" the instrument or you don't.

    Nick, I play with two fingers on my keyboard. I'm not a pianist. Everything has to be edited. This song is completely programmed. The strings here gave me a very good feeling yet they were demo sounds from VSL included in the Gigastudio3 package.

    To GOS or not to GOS, that's my dilemma.


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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.


    GOS is getting to be old as sample libraries go. It was the first large library with about every articulation you could think of.

    You don't really say what you don't like about the library. Is it the sound? I usually EQ around 2.8-3.0 KHz to tone down some of the brightness of the sound. You should do some searching on this forum regarding the library. There is quite a bit of useful info on EQ and use of the library.

    Do you have all the updates loaded? Not sure when you actually purchased the library.


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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    Try Kirk Hunter's Virtuoso strings for only $49.00 I, personally, love the sound and for $49 if you don't like 'em you got 3 real attractive coasters

    I bought 'em and use them all the time. They are not as "current" as some of the newer libs but good sound never becomes obsolete.


    PS For around $250 you can get KH Emerald (or is it Sapphire?) Whole orchestra, solo strings etc. Can't even get a decent meal for $250 any more. Chicks will dig ya... trust me

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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    Hi Jim,

    It is partially the sound that has caused my dissapointment. I've purchased the library a few months ago and have not updated nor have I searched for additional information in this forum. Thanks for the EQ tip, I'll give it a try.


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    Re: Library dissapointment. Need some advice.

    Did/do you like the sound in the GOS demos?

    Sorry if this is too basic, but GOS was recorded with somewhat closer mics, so good reverb has to be added and also some EQ (approx. roll off high frequencies) to give the effect of high frequencies being attentuated in air as one gets farther away from the source (strings). The -6db cut at 3Khz will not really help the sound but will help GOS strings to blend better with other instruments.


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