I use Ableton Live as my recording ,editing and other fundamental digital applicationsfocal application for digitally recording music ....or until Live upgraded to a midi-based application, at which point Live was not only my favorite music app.... but also was my fav app plus midi implementation..... but getting all components ginning all in proper sequential order... does not each time happen hitch-free.... at least I find ways to comolicate matters...somehow(of course) (but I do well all things considered, and I always find that gracious folks are always about being as helpful as their personal experiences enable them to be... which in most cases more than suffices.... and I am greatly moved by the efforts of those who try like the dickens to input, some, as they are able,to confidently add to the murkiness I perceive in my various "kettles of mischeif", or whatever it may be I am trying to accomplish, that has me stumped from not fully reading all the material generously provided to advantage for us all.... but I am like many, I assemble things bys appearances and hope for best and in last resort look for my manual and actually open it up and read in it... er "scan" might be a better admission..
But my Live will not even initialize right now and I am thinking its going to take my installing a fresh instance of xp home onto a fresh, clean partition....from my lack of imagery as to what could be going on or failing to happen when I start the application and it jamsitself scannig and seeking vst or library files... and eventually just sitting there doing nothing but looking sad.
I know I have not given much to go on.... I realize I am not able to describe much for to gather about for answers to my strange (to me) boggle.... and I am hoping it is not as strange to someone out there as I feel it seems to me...
thank you for any comments