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Topic: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

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    Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    I am ready to throw my 4140 as far as I can manage. I wish I had done a search on this forum before I purchased it. I have countless locks, hanging notes, etc.....

    Can anyone recommend a replacement?

    Simon, I see you use to have one. What did you replace it with?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    I replaced it with a MIDISport 8x8 USB. You could also try running MIDI over LAN which I do with my second GS machine - works great with all 4 ports.

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    Thanks, Simon for the recommendation. I\'ll look into picking this up. What was the 4140 doing for you?

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    Not much... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Hanging notes, sometimes I had to reinstall drivers after a BSOD and other weird behaviour. Sometimes installing the drivers made the machine crash too...

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    I hear you on the drivers. I have had similar issues. Let this be lesson to those considering the 4140. I have appreciated all the hassle (and $$$) everyone on this board has saved me.

    Simon, I\'ll give the Midisport a go. Thanks again.

    BTW, I really enjoy your writing. When I get up the courage (and complete my first giga project) I\'ll post some of my music to have you (and others) critique.


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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    I don\'t think GS is \'unhappy\' with USB devices. GS just uses whichever MIDI ports have been activated through MME or WDM drivers, USB or not. I actually bought the 8x8 specifically to get serial support, but it seems MIDIMan \'forgot\' to write these drivers, or post them at their site (they\'re mentioned in the manual though). So I was stuck with USB, and the only oddity I have experienced is that, to get it to work on my K7S5A motherboard, I had to enable SMPTE writing on the 8x8! If not, GS would hang or crash. Weird problem which went away when I changed to K7S6A instead.

    About the latency that is not true. I measured total latency between 7 and 9 ms. for the complete MIDI loop which goes:

    Unitor8>MIDISport 8x8>RME Multiface>Pulsar 2.

    And yes, I am sure it isn\'t causing poly issues. I have the same issues on both my GS machines. However I am able to get 140-160 voices most of the time.

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    I have a soundchaser GS with a 4140 - no problems at all and i am running 64midi tracks...

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??


    Does Soundchaser have you set up on XP?

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 change out??

    Yup ! XP all the way ...
    Athlon 1800, Firewirecard, wireless key and mouse, delta 10/10, 4140...
    ...the only problems that I am having are Chicken **** translator causes my machine to crash badly...took it off and no problems anymore.
    BTW, you can\'t send MidiClock to GIGA it will get confused...


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