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Topic: Lyrical Distortion Thoughts

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    Lyrical Distortion Thoughts

    So I've had my grubby little paws on a few different guitar libs lately, and I have to say that LD's the shizzle. I'm not trying to sound like a commercial here, but the thing sounds like Linkin Park to my nerdy out-of-it square ears. Man it's just so cool. It's so easy to get a fat deep rhythm part going. I'm lovin' this lib big time. I'm spending more and more time with the detailed articulations, and as I get more facile with it, I'll post some demos. Actually, I'm gonna post the midi files. Not enough demos do that, imo.
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    Re: Lyrical Distortion Thoughts

    Finally, you'll be the one that'll set example of how a demo should be post for sample libs. It make me question the mp3 demos that I heard of guitar libs ( I own LD and LPC clean version). I just can't get it to sound anything close to the mp3 demos when tried to recreate it on my own. I'll rather see it and learn how it's translated through midi file than some mp3. This would surely be a welcome change to demo a guitar lib. I'll be waiting for your post!

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    Re: Lyrical Distortion Thoughts


    Have you registered and signed on to the Bela D forum yet?

    Posted: 11 Apr 2005 07:51 pm Post subject: Example Dig Deep MIDI file

    Here is the MIDI guitar riff to Dig Deep for Lyrical Distortion


    Solo the "Dig Deep" track and load G1 palm pick and G2 palm pick nki into kontakt. You'll hear both guitars playing hard left and hard right at the same time.

    Next, mute the Dig Deep track.
    the last 3 tracks are:

    palm pick- midi 1
    pick- midi 2
    power palm- midi 3

    These are the Dig Deep track broken down into track named articulations.

    In Kontakt load up:

    G1 & G2 palm pick(should already be loaded)- midi 1
    G1 & G2 pick- midi 2
    G1 & G2 power palm- midi 3

    Now you hear the 2 guitars playing the same riff thats more unique sounding....

    Everyone will have their own method to their madness
    Obviously guitar players will have an advantage, but I've heard a Drummer and a Keyboardist that has done some jaw dropping stuff
    Some Guitar Tab would be a valuble resource for working on different playing techniques.

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