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Topic: GPO/JABB for Band In The Box

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    Exclamation GPO/JABB for Band In The Box


    (Forgive me if I posted this on the wrong forum, newbie here.)

    I am a long time user of Band In The Box software to assist my midi backing tracks. Currently, I use a Yamaha Tyros as my playback/recording source for the instruments. I am looking to improve the sound quality of my melody track. Usually, I will use the Saxophone instrument for my melody track. The Tyros Sax sound is "ok," but I'm wanting a more realistic type sounding Sax for the lead.
    Band In The Box 2006 supports the use of DXI instruments and I am interested to see how well JABB integrates with BB before I make the purchase. I would only need to use JABB for the melody/harmony midi track of BB. (I can render melody directly to a wave file from within BB to be used in an outside sequencer.)

    I am familiar with how DXI operates in BB. Which GPO/JABB soundset should I be looking to purchase? Can I purchase from this site? Are the patches GM compatible? Thanks in advance for the advice. I look forward to being a GPO/JABB user.


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    Re: GPO/JABB for Band In The Box

    There is a thread about JABB and BIAB here:


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    Re: GPO/JABB for Band In The Box

    More generally, this new edition of Band in a Box, with its support of VSTI, seems to open all kinds of possibilities. Since Kontakt and VSampler and Sampletank and so many other things can act as VSTI's, we can now experiment with a lot arrangements fast.

    I guess the question is: how good are the Band in a Box arrangements? Thinking of just rough drafts and experiments here. For mapping things out fast, how does it do?

    Does it allow us to create our own arrangements, so we could, say, develop a template for a Basie sound, or an Ellington\Strayhorn arrangement, and get a reliably decent sound ready to be edited for volume levels and sustains, etc?

    If so, the possibilities are a little scary: this on a laptop with a big hard drive and good sound card. (Just think what Basie or Ellington would have done with this program.)

    (Yes, yes, the trouble is that there aren't any Basies or Ellingtons, now. Let's forget that, shall we?)

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