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Topic: Increasing Polyphony in GS96

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    Increasing Polyphony in GS96

    I\'d like some suggestions about how to increase polyphony in GS 96. I cannot seem to get more than 64 notes of polyphony.
    (Changing the setting in the polyphony slide bar doesn\'t seem to do anything.) I upgraded from a Pentium III, 667, 512 megs
    of ram to a Pentium 4, 1.4 with 1 gig of ram (40 amd 80 gig hard drives). With the new computer there is no increase in polyphony.
    In fact, I may have lost two voices of polyphony as this new computer does not seem to go beyond 64. My OS is Windows 2k.

    The sounds and voices I use are a combination of GOS, Miroslav Vitous Orchestral samples, some Advanced Orchestra samples
    and some Synclavier percussion samples.

    Any specific suggestions about how I can optimize my computer to have more polyphony for GS96 would be deeply appreciated.


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    Re: Increasing Polyphony in GS96


    I have no problem getting 150+ with my rig, plus some audio tracks, up to 6 without clicks or pops.
    I don\'t think that it is the OS.


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    Re: Increasing Polyphony in GS96

    I read somewhere that after you make the polyphony change on the slider, sometimes the update doesn\'t \'take\' immediately, and you have to wait until you restart Gigastudio. So even though you set it from 64 to 96 and applied the change, nothing is updated until you reboot Giga.

    Just a thought...

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    Re: Increasing Polyphony in GS96


    Yes. That is precisely the solution and I was unaware of it for a long time. A technician told me to slide the polyphony bar to a low setting, then slide it up all the way, and then lower the transition bar. Click the \'apply\' button and exit Giga. Upon entering GigaStudio I have my full 96 voices of polyphony.

    Had I known of this remedy months ago I would have been more productive.

    Now I think about upgrading to 160.


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