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Topic: Need some tips on my home studio

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    Question Need some tips on my home studio

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a musician and just begon using some sample libraries. I already have Stylus RMX and some soundfonts but i don't have a sample library for classical music. I want to make some Hans Zimmer style music but don't know what to buy. I heard about EWQLSO and VSL but those are VERY processor hungry and i don't have a top of the line computer system. My personal choice would be GPO but KHSO Emerald also seems a very good sample library for orchestra's. Could you give me some tips on which library to buy?


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    Re: Need some tips on my home studio

    i wouldnt say that VSL Opus as a library is more demanding in processor power than GPO.
    Its definetly more demanding on your creditcard though.
    I use Opus1 in the EXS24 which is really low on CPU demand.
    But if you are on a tight budget GPO is a good choice for sure.
    Note that the EWS stuff is sampled in a big hall which will give you sort of an instant Hollywood sound.
    But for me the fact that Opus has a rather dry sound makes it way more flexible.
    Of course the reverbs that i need to beef it up are quite heavy on my CPU!


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    Re: Need some tips on my home studio

    1) Invest in a top of the line computer -- there's no effective way to even get started with this endeavor without a G5 equivalent computer.

    2) Rethink making "Hans Zimmer" type music.

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    Re: Need some tips on my home studio

    EWQL Silver is very nice and has a great upgrade path. You may also want to look at the Peter Siedlaczeck stuff. Kirk Hunter's stuff is really amazing for the price but you need an additional sample player to play it.

    And write as much Hans Zimmer as you like.


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    Re: Need some tips on my home studio

    To score big orchestral scores your going to need a pretty decent setup involving multiple computers, sample libraries and a stable gigabit network. Its the most cost effective way to go about it. If your interested let me know and i can help you alot with the design.

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    Re: Need some tips on my home studio

    Thank's for the replies guys! I think i've made my choice: Kirk Hunter's Symphony Orchestra Emerald. It really sounds great and it isn't processor hungry like those other sample libraries. I heard that you can write a score for a decent sized orchestra with only a P3 and 384 RAM! The brass sounds really great to in this library. The strings sound a little bit synthetic but i can always buy Garritan Personal Strings. I'll let you know when it arrives!

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    Re: Need some tips on my home studio

    Yes,Let us know your experience after doing some work with the Kirk Hunter's
    set; btw, are you going to use Kontakt 2 or Gigastudio? Harry

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