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Topic: Some advice please...

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    Some advice please...

    I have recently sold my last hardware synth and I am moving to a pure software setup with a controller keyboard. I am having trouble deciding which software samplers to buy. I currently have EWQLSO Silver and GPO so am fairly well off for orchestral sounds. These are my needs:

    - A good set of general sounds, particularly piano and percussion.
    - Some nice synthesiser sounds, especially old analoge and pad sounds
    - Some Celtic sounds (Uilliean pipes and whistles) along with some other ethnic sounds.

    I also have the library Symphony of Voices in Kurzewil format which I want to convert to a usable format.

    I have a limited budget!

    I have thought of the following options:

    - Komtakt 2 (for general sounds and sample conversion) and Ethno World 3

    I am uncertain as to the quality of Kontakt 2 - there are fair too many reported bugs for my liking. Otherwise it looks like a good combination.

    - Kompakt, Nostalgia and EthnoWorld 3 (with Translater NI to convert the CD to Kompakt).

    I have concerns that the general instruments supplied with Konpakt are not greate.

    The third option is

    - Colossus with Translator Soundfont and the free sfz player.

    Colossus sounds good - it has the range of sounds I need. But the size means that it will take up virtually of my remaining hard disk space!

    Any thoughts from the users of the various libraries I have mentioned?

    Is Kontakt 2 a hopeless cause?

    How good is the Kompakt library, and will Translator convert Kurzweil to Kompakt?


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    Re: Some advice please...

    Kontakt 2 is a great program. I have had very little problems with it - no more than any other program I use. The library that is included is both versatile and varied. It includes a nice orchestra library which would round out your current VIs as well as pianos, percussion, guitars, some old synth sounds, etc. It would be a good addition to the arsenal IMHO. Is light on ethnic sounds, though. I have not used any of the other products you mentioned.

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