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Topic: Giovani | VCU for Mac | Now Available!

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    Thumbs up Giovani | VCU for Mac | Now Available!

    Bela D Media is pleased to announce the release of VCU (Vocal Control Utility) for Macintosh. Registered users may download this utility immediately.

    Many thanks to Paul Chana, Rick Chadwick and the Mac VCU beta crew!

    Francis Belardino
    Bela D Media



    Vocal Control - Simplicity equates to power

    Accompanying the Giovani Edition, Bela D Media is proud to introduce Vocal Control, a unique and proprietary software utility, custom designed to enable composers to build and play sentence-like phrases both quickly and intuitively. With Vocal Control, the construction and performance of melodies and chordal accompaniments consisting of complex words and phrases is literally only a few mouse clicks away. Vocal Control frees Giovani owners to combine complete or partial words from a pool of authentic Latin vocal performances, as well as a series of custom moving vowel performances. A word or phrase entered into Vocal Control may consist of as many as 64 unique elements or as few as a one or two syllables. Once a word or phrase is inputted into a Vocal Control phrase group, it can be played in real time with zero latency in virtually any tempo, any key and any melody.

    The utility provides up to four ‘phrases’ simultaneously, with the option to link, cycle and switch between phrases as desired. Easily accessible, dedicated ‘Hot Keys’ are assigned to the real time control of features such as phrase selection, phrase cycling, word element lock and legato styles, allowing users a wide range of ‘live’ performance options. The results of this interaction between the performer and Vocal Control can be recorded directly into any local or remote sequencer for instantaneous playback. Bela D Media is certain that Giovani owners will find Vocal Control a deceptively addictive addition to their arsenal of sample library tools.

    Legato Control - Stay Connected

    Incorporated into Vocal Control is Bela D Media's new Legato Tool, a combination of software coding and sampler programming which routes data to either legato or non-legato patches in real time with zero latency depending on the software's analysis of the player's performance from moment to moment. Legato slurs up/down make for realistic results.

    The Legato Tool can operate in one of three modes, depending on the performer's preference:

    1. Fingered Legato, which works in a similar fashion to the fingered portamento mode (legato patches are chosen if a new note is played before a previous note has been released).

    2. Momentary Legato. Standard patches are chosen unless the momentary legato hotkey (C2) is held down. While this key is held down, the software scans the performance and chooses appropriate legato patches.

    3. Timed Legato. The performer can specify a 'time window' after a note's release, within which any new notes played will be with appropriate legato patches. Notes played outside the time window will be directed to standard patches.

    As with Vocal Control's phrase generator, the operation of the legato tool is designed as far as possible to be invisible to the performer.

    Product Page

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    Re: Giovani | VCU for Mac | Now Available!

    Wonderful Francis. Looking forward to seeing it in action!

    mgr, Legacy Lab

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