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Topic: How to use libraries such as Adrenaline and Wired?

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    How to use libraries such as Adrenaline and Wired?


    Sorry if this has been covered before.

    I have purchased the EastWest Adrenaline and Trance players primarily because of the great sounding demos I downloaded.

    Now that I have them, I am stuck as to how I should be using them.

    Ok the drums sounds are good - but most of the bass and leads are "stuck" at just one pitch. Not much variation. Do I really have to load them all into Kontakt2 so I can stretch the sounds across a keyboard range? Or have I seriously missed the point here?

    Any help will be appreciated
    Tyrone Howe

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    Re: How to use libraries such as Adrenaline and Wired?

    I have Adrenaline and Trance (Wired?) and a whole bunch of the other Intakt sets, and you're describing pretty much the major limitation they have. I don't think Kontakt 2 will help unless you really want to dig deep into editing.

    You won't being able to "create" tracks that let you get very creative, you'll just be able to "assemble" the pieces they supply into songs likely similar to what they already made. It's a drag because it would nice if you also got the individual synths used for each "construction kit" so you could make truly new songs, but you don't.

    Soft Synths (actually, they're not really synths, they're more like riff collections) like these are mainly useful for TV composers like me who need to make a lot of musical wallpaper in a hurry. They pay off for me from time to time. I admit I'm being a hack when I use them, but heck, it's a paycheck!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: How to use libraries such as Adrenaline and Wired?

    Hello Mike

    Many thanks for the reply.

    I appreciate all that you said but am more than slightly saddened by it. If I had realised these players were so limited I'd have spent my overdraft on something else!

    Such a shame - because some of the sounds are very good - and the demos are excellent.

    I don't think what you are doing is being a hack at all. Crikey - writing TV music! Great work if you can get it!

    All the best
    Tyrone Howe

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    Re: How to use libraries such as Adrenaline and Wired?


    Listen to the soundtrack to "Man on Fire" by Harry Gregson Williams. He uses a ton of little electronic snippets in and amongst his traditional orchestra score. Edgy loops that segue into lush string arrangements. He does it so well. The free demo from EW has a few adrenaline patches on it and I've tried to experiment in this direction. I'm not quite there yet but it can sound really cool when it works!

    Hope this helps,


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    Re: How to use libraries such as Adrenaline and Wired?

    I think for future reference, you'll be much better off buying actual instruments instead of loop-based stuff. You get so much more control and none of the limitations. Some of the best ones on the market right now are stuff like Absynth, z3ta+, Rhino, Tera..etc. Some of the evolving type of synths like Xphrase or Morphology are very useful too.

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