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Topic: Different guitars?

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    Different guitars?

    I've been searching for some different guitar styles for a while and I came across this


    Any idea where I could get a sound like the main guitar in this piece? Is this even a guitar?

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    Re: Different guitars?

    That sounds like an autoharp. The strum in the back is defeintely an autoharp and I think the main sound is too. Well, that or a piano being plucked with a plectrum but probably an autoharp. I actually own a Silvertone electric autoharp- I suppose I should sample it

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    Re: Different guitars?

    Just did a little research and yup, you're right. Is it easy to play?

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    Re: Different guitars?

    Well, they're danged easy to play chords on- that's the "auto" part, they have buttons that mute all the strings not in the chord you want so all you do is push, say, the Cmaj button and strum. But individual notes can be tricky because there are a gazillion strings and it's hard to tell which is the note you want. It's basically like looking in a piano and plucking any given string- they're hard to identify one from the other. It's doable though. There HAS to be a good autoharp sample set on the web somewhere- I can't imagine there not being.

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    Re: Different guitars?

    A long time ago when I was a student at the Ali Akbar Colleg of Music one of the advanced sitar students brought his autoharp to a party. The man could play! Sounded a lot like a barroom piano, or a cembalom, but very clear melodically. As I recall the performance, he would tend to strum a melody line by hitting south a few strings and running up to the desired note - he also played it like a lap guitar, and played finger pick style coupled with the chords. Amazing show; I've never seen an autoharp sound anything like that again.

    One of our better sitarists, too. Wish I could remember his name...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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