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Topic: Dealing With Delay

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    Dealing With Delay

    I'm a beginner just starting to use EWQLSO Gold, and it's very cool, but I'm continually discouraged by the slight delay that seems to exist on the attack on most instruments. I realize a lot of it's due to the nature of the attack and envelope of the instrument (especially strings), but it just seems like it's more than just that. If it were just one or two instruments, I'd try tweaking them, but it's seems like it's on most instruments in Gold to varying degrees. Even the flutes and clarinets seems to have it, just slightly, but enough to throw off my timing, and after several tracks of this everything's just a little too sloppy, and I end up quantizing/shifting to make up for it, which bites. I'm running 6.9ms latency on Cubase 3 SX, and I don't have this problem with GS piano, or other VSTs. Is there something I'm possibly missing, or is this normal with orchestral samples? It gets really tiresome, constantly trying to lead ahead of the beat - I'm a bad enough player to begin with, I don't need things making it even more difficult!



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    Re: Dealing With Delay

    I don't own Gold, but this delay is true of many orchestral sustain patches. Real players tend to have a measurable attack time, before the sound reaches full steam.

    Try fast attack patches, like percussion, staccato and pizzicato. They should react very quickly. If not, maybe there is a technical problem causing the delay.


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    Re: Dealing With Delay

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzripper
    It gets really tiresome, constantly trying to lead ahead of the beat - I'm a bad enough player to begin with, I don't need things making it even more difficult!


    I'm not using Cubase, but I'd assume it has a track level timing adjustment for MIDI tracks. I would suggest using that, after the fact, to adjust these slower attacking tracks into good time. That way, you're not playing ahead of the rhythmic grid, complicating subsequent editing operations.

    And yes, many orchestral instruments, even aggressive ones, will have a slower attack than say a piano. You don't want to reduce this, because it really takes away from the authenticity and character of the attack. So, moving things around via track-level adjustments can really give you the best possible result.

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    Re: Dealing With Delay

    Hiya buzz - I use SX3, and as a member of the Cubase forums, I have noticed many people with MIDI timing issues. Many times this is resolved with the ignoreport filter thingy (never had to do that, so I am not 100% sure), and other times it is something else. So, I guess the first thing you need to decide is if the MIDI timing is really off, or if it is simply a matter of the instrument attack, as mentioned in the previous two threads. If it is your MIDI timing, and you are a legal Cubase user, you may want to head on over to the Cubase forums, and post your question there; I am sure you will be able to sort it out in very little time.


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    Re: Dealing With Delay

    Thanks for the replies. I know it's not a Cubase issue, cause like I said I don't have the issue with GS or my other VSTs. I do the midi shift thing, and it fixes it, but it's a pain, and usually is accompanied by some quantizing cause I got all sloppy trying to anticipate the slow attack. I was hoping there was some way to avoid all that tweaking. Oh well, it's another reason I gotta start getting better at my keyboard playing.

    I think it affects my writing somewhat, because I do everything totally by ear, and anything that hampers my already lame playing abilities makes it harder for me to develop a melody or whatever. In large part my writing comes from just experimenting and grabbing what sounds good. The melodies I come up with are really just kind of a series of accidents that come out of noodling around, it's just a matter of picking them out. I guess that's what most composers do, I suppose, at some level, except for those lucky ones that can hear it in their head without playing. But composing is so cool, ain't it? I just get soooo stoked from composing, haven't done it for so long, I'm just buzzing these days now that I'm getting back into it. The best thing about it is that I love it even when it sucks. And that is so cool, ain't it?


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