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Topic: GSIF and Win98SE

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    GSIF and Win98SE

    I\'m forced to use Win98SE in my second (giga) computer because I have a couple of sound cards (Lexicon Core 32, Oasys PCI) that will never have XP drivers and I want to be able to tweak the GSIF latency. I have a P4 2.0 gig with 512 meg of ram and i know the latency could be better (approx 8 msec via Soundscape Mixtreme). Is this possible?

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    Re: GSIF and Win98SE

    Well, it is not only possible but close to recommendable from my superficial point-of-view. Superficial as I spent only short time on Mixtreme/GSIF/Win2k with a significant latency.

    However, I spent almost a year on Mixtreme/GSIF/Win98SE with no significant latency.

    Oasys PCI - nice eh? Thought that was MAC only?

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