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Topic: VSL Symphonic Cube

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    VSL Symphonic Cube

    The possibilities look endless:

    Robert Gregory Browne
    KISS HER GOODBYE (now available)
    KILLER YEAR: Stories to Die For (Jan. 2008)
    St. Martin's Press

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    Re: VSL Symphonic Cube

    The VI looks great. I am excited to hear real composer feedback on it. Does it speed up the process? Is it as convenient as it looks? Etc...

    On playing the movies I hear one big issue in my ears though. The automatic switching when playing faster/slower articulations has some issues. The first sample of the transition sounds wrong in every case. The VI can't anticipate when the change will happen, it can only react after the proper conditions are met. I.e. 4 eighth notes followed by 4 sixteenth notes. All 4 eighths plus the first sixteenth are all say long detache and the remaining sixteenths are then short detache. The first sixteenth is the "wrong" sample even though it uses a fade with the "properly" added tail sample. It sounds wrong to my ear at least. This instance may still be better with a manual switch for final tracks. But the automatic method could really help in sketching. Just my observation.

    Seems like a faster, more convenient way to accomplish what many of us have done with layers/switches for years. Can hardly wait!

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    Re: VSL Symphonic Cube

    That is great. I like simple fixes. I can't wait to hear more feedback about the product. No offense intended on the "real compose" part. I just mean someone who is actually using and abusing it in the field. It is hard to tell full capabilities in the simple stipped-down examples often provided online.

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    Re: VSL Symphonic Cube

    There's no doubt that the automatic speed switch must come one note too late. But this is likely good enough to get an excellent feel for the track on the go. As Sharmy says, a simple keyswitch can quickly fix the problem notes.

    I wonder if you can quickly change the polarity of the switch. If you were to play a short-long-short-long repetition, the speed control would get every single note wrong! Invert the function and it would be perfect for that pattern.

    I hope that Tascam adds a speed switch to its iMIDI rules. It could be a very nice feature.


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